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Don’t be Fooled – Russia has Hillary’s Emails

Don’t be fooled folks. Vladimir Putin and the Russians most assuredly have Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. Listen as Rudy Giuliani explains:

I talked to the Trump campaign immediately after he made that statement. That statement was sarcastic, it was a joke. It was, ‘Hey, go get them if you can get them’

Immediately upon getting off the airplane and immediately upon finding out the confusion he tweeted out, ‘I mean turn it over to the FBI.’ If you get it, turn it over to the FBI. Which is what should be done. And the reality is I will tell you, Mike, that my company, Giuliani Partners, and my law firm, Greenberg Traurig, we do cyber-security for a living. And I’ve been doing it for 13 years so it is a subject that I know.

The Russians have those e-mails. They’ve had them for some time. If they could get into the DNC’s servers and be in there for one year, which they were, the DNC server is a more modern server, much better protected than the old equipment that Hillary Clinton had hanging around the garage at home. If they can get into that DNC server, they owned her server in Poughkeepsie. And not only did they own it but so did the Russians, possibly the Israelis, maybe a couple of other allies. And by the way, we do the same thing to them so don’t get upset.


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Mateus Kadesh

A right-leaning libertarian who hopes and prays that the American people remember what made our nation great.

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