Donald Trump Begins Mending Fences with the GOP Party Leadership

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan

Here is “the rest of the story” which was unfolding this week and finally reached the climax that most GOP supporters were hoping for.

As we promised, the intermission from Tuesday to Thursday was only for the public. The Trump camp and GOP and House leadership were feverishly working on a compromise of unresolved issues in an effort to find a path to Republican party unity.

Previously Ryan declined to endorse the front-runner, then promised to step down from the GOP national conference chair if Mr. Trump politely asked about that. Trump did not hesitate and promised to find alternative to that very disturbing confrontation.

It happened Thursday, on May 12. The process of setting aside differences and finding commonality within GOP began. “The meeting was great,” Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, tweeted after. “It was a very positive step toward party unity.” Priebus attended the opening meeting with the two before Trump and Ryan sat down with a small group of GOP House leaders. Finally, the third meeting was held with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other top Senate Republicans.

One who follows the Gallup polls may be very surprised by the reversal of numbers in May vs March. If early in the year 30% of republican-leaning voters were in favor of Trump, then just before the historic Trump-Ryan sit-down 2 out of 3 were saying they support The Donald. I think these Gallup results did their job of pushing Ryan and GOP leadership towards the compromise which is not reached yet, but started with very successful meeting today. No little thing that on Capitol Hill few Republicans made clear suggestions that they would like to see Paul Ryan coming around to supporting Trump instead of confronting.

“This great nation cannot endure eight more years of Democrat control of the White House … It is paramount that we coalesce around the Republican nominee, Mr. Donald J. Trump,” wrote chairs of seven House committees led by Republicans in a joint statement released Wednesday night by the Trump campaign.

The meeting-busy Thursday showed that the front-runner and GOP leadership can come together and GOP will heal itself after a bruising primary season.


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