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Did it All Start with a Rock?


Ugh (a Paleolithic gentleman) was clearing away a rock slide from the entrance to his cave. He carelessly threw the rocks behind him. One of the rocks hit his neighbor Thug, who in turn threw the rock back at Ugh. Others got involved, and before you knew it, rocks were flying in all directions.

One careless act caused the confrontation.

Now in our time instead of rocks, we use words, and from the clever use of semantics; we create friends or enemies.

Where truth lies, reason stands. Where wisdom lives, ignorance dies.

To defend the right is to defend all life.

It is not the I or me that is important, but rather the us and we in the full scope of things.

We are a human family, and the success of our survival depends on how much we care for each other.

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Author, Poet, Holistic Healing, Empath, White Light Reiki Master. love camping, archery, fencing, proficient marksman and love learning new things.

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