VA Democrats Looking for Votes…in Prisons!


In yet another barely disguised attempt to add what the left hopes will be solid Democrat voters to the rolls in Virginia, Terry McAuliff has — by a stroke of his pen — granted the return of the vote to upwards of 200,000 former inmates of Virginia prisons, many of them formerly incarcerated for violent crimes.

This move was not based on feelings of compassion or even fairness (although that seems to be a predominate theme in leftist ideology today), but rather — in the opinions of many Virginians — a purely political move to add more voters to the rolls that Governor McAuliff anticipates will lean Democrat.  Virginia has been considered a swing state for some time, having not only elected a virulent leftist as Governor the last time around, but also because Virginia went to the Democrats in 2012, supporting Barack Obama by a significant margin.  Virginia has long been a conservative bastion, but in the past decade has seen that margin quite quickly eroded.

Governor McAuliff, I’m sure, is hopeful that giving the votes to former prison inmates will add to the Democrat side of the ledger since many of these inmates come from the so-called disenfranchised classes who depend on the largess of the left.  Let’s hope that this obvious effort to stack the vote goes down in history as just another Democrat failure.


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Michael Grandy

Former military, retired Federal employee, still supporting the federal government in the field of cyber security.

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