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The Democrats Ban “Offensive” Flash Mobs for Jesus, Want Mobs of Looters and Rioters Instead!

Democrats have taken Christianity out of the public square.  They banned choirs singing the Messiah and Christmas Carols and bringing Christmas cheer to the crowds in Shopping Malls; claiming they were “offensive.”


But look what Democrats have given us in exchange!


On the day after Christmas, mobs of young people looted and rioted in various malls all over the country.*  Bet you, virtually everybody finds these Flash Mobs of rioters and looters truly offensive; infinitely worse than hearing Christmas Carols being sung by beautiful choirs. They terrorized the public, ensuring the public will stop going to the malls;  looted and stole products from the businesses; destroyed  the malls; and created chaos.


Why won’t Democrats put a stop to them? How about them banning looting and rioting?  Or at least, punishing those who riot and loot? Or requiring social media to locate and stop these kids from banding together to attack malls? Or punishing the parents of these little thugs for failing to inculcate some respect and decency in their kids?


I’ll tell you why Democrats will never do anything against the mobs. Those rioting and looting are exactly those that Democrats support and nurture.


Post Christmas Riots in Shopping Malls all over the Country


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Rohini DeSilva

Attorney, Graduated with honors from Columbia Law School. Author "9/11, Stealth Jihad & Obama" B.Sc. in Interior Design Fellowship in Music, Trinity College, London, England

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