The Democrat theme (A sucker is Born Every Minute)

Barack Obama

Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in all its years on earth.

We have more than 200 active volcanoes in the world today with possibilities of erupting in the future. You might ask yourself why everyone has been kept in the dark about this astounding truth that has been tucked away by the media and our expert political weathermen.

Obama and his pendants tell us that Global warming is a bigger threat than ISIS or any natural national disaster. The unknowing Americans who think that the souls of their feet are going to catch of fire when they step outside of their air conditioned homes have jumped on Obama’s Green teams wagon agreeing to pay an increased tax to give Obama the power that only God has and that’s to actually change the weather.

They also buy energy producing equipment that makes Al Gore richer than he already is and makes a lot of money for Obama’s friends.

Obama has a knack of being a successful man. He has a department called the EPA that will eliminate his competition by shutting down the cold companies and put thousands of Americans out of work.  Now that’s what I call getting kicked out into the cold.  Another cold fact was our Secretary of State Kerry said that it is now air conditioners that are a bigger threat than ISIS.

These fools tell you that the heat is going to kill you and now they want you to make it easier by turning off the air conditioners.

I refuse to believe anything that a liberal says and besides I’m too busy planning my winter trip to Florida to avoid another record breaking winter.


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Gary Chambers

Retired General Contractor Author-Poet

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