Dear God Please Protect America from this Evil Woman!

Hillary Clinton

Dear God:

Our United States of America is out of control and desperate needs help from you in saving our great nation from the evil people that use politicts to their advantage in helping themselves get richer and richer at the expense of people that are truly honest, wanting nothing but the best for their families.

We have an evil woman whose whole life has been based upon Lies, Corruption, Sex, Scandals, Murders, and Lie and Deny about anything and everything to the point that she refuses to answer questions but will laugh and grin and say nothing. 

Nowhere in her 30 years of politicts and evil has she ever gone public and said anything about her Christian Values and you God.  This is very unusual God, never to mention anything about you, Heaven or her beliefs in her God.

God, I do not have to tell you, that The President of the United States should not have so many failures in their background, they should not be serial liars, call women that have been raped sluts, nor should they be lesbians or perverts in any way.  In no way should they make up lies about their opponent.  Most of all God, this individual should have ethics, morals, and set an example for others in being courteous,  being truthful with their health problems.

Hillary has never issued an apology for any mistakes, errors in judgement. HER ONLY COMMENTS TO THE WORLD WAS “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!”  People have died, lives have been ruined, The FBI Director has been tainted by this woman, documented statements from her and her associates about her abuses of government intelligent, A FOUR STAR GENERAL FACING JAIL FOR THE SAME THANGS SHE HAS DONE and this evil woman walks away laughing as she has no laws, no God to follow.

Yes indeed God, American needs your help.  We need an Leader who will bring Prayer, the 10 Commandments, the Bible and You back into our Country.  We need a Leader that will instill Confidence, Courage, Truth and Values into our values.

God, Millions of Americans are praying for your help, guidance in making America Great Again and to be a Nation that will still help others that come here for a better life as long as they follow our rules of respect for others, belief in you and family and our Flag and for what it stands for.



The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Vernon Hill

Have submitted video stories (536) to CNN-IREPORT for last four years with several hundred thousand hits until they screwed up and lost several hundred reporters like me with their failure to communicate with us thanks to their stupid ass President.

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