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The Connection between Weapons, Crime, and Immigration

There is a violent connection thread between weapons, immigration, and other killings. Look at the record.

Guns and gun free zones. How many mass murders have been in gun free zones.  These killings have been done by terrorist, people with mental problems, and people with other personal reasons.  Some of the victims were collateral damage. Guns were used, but the list of possible weapons is endless, some would qualify as weapons of mass destruction,  For those that really wanted to kill,  an alternative weapon could be found. Gun free zones make people sitting targets.

Guns are as much   defensive  tool as an offensive tool. That is the best item to fight brute force or to even the odd.

Immigration policy impact. Immigration issues include: legal, illegal, guest workers, refugees, anchor babies, dual citizenship, quotas, assimilation and security.

The United States has allowed many political and economic refugees in to the country in the past. These immigrants assimilated into the country by learning the language , coverage and history. Now we have people who just want to escape turmoil and war. We are a country that values religious freedom, so we can’t embrace Sharia law, the two are incompatible. The U,S, Courts , like the Romans controlling the Jews can give death sentences. Sharia law does not allow homosexuality. Many people including Christians believe in live and let live or push the love of  Christianity. The founding fathers  mint no state church like the Church of England or Catholic Church, they did not mean anti-God.

Birthright citizenship should go beyond being born on American soil. Learning the language, history and culture needs to be included. No person can serve two countries that oppose one another. Violence seem to increase when the language can’t be understood, or  lack of opportunity  for jobs.

What has the State department done to aid assimilation with the refugees since 1980? Hoe close have they checked the backgrounds?

Drugs are a problem as both in dealing and using. They can both cause and treat mental problems. Other then drug problems, people are now too easily offended. Ask is that item or thought actually hurting you.


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Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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