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Changing Issues and Strategies

Before I get to issues and strategies  concerning Donald Trump answer how will Donald Trump govern? Will he govern by executive order or The Art of The Deal?” Will congress be a rubber stamp, work with Trump, or just be obstructionist?

A campaign starts with some ideas of what the candidate believes in. The campaign can be a sermon where the candidate just pushes their ideas, or a learning experience and listening to the people. A politician has to be somewhat optimistic . The answer to the first set of questions will answer the remaining questions.

Take the issues of the wall and sending illegals back.  Where is the wall in relationship to the Rio Grande river, and other areas of rough terrine.  The wall will not deal with the visa problem. The  11 million or  so illegals include parents of anchor babies and children just missing being an anchor baby. The illegals could have been here for a few months or many years. Some could be business owners and have years of American education.  Removing the known criminals and 6 million would still be a start. We have to stop the flow first.

Refugees are not illegal but still part of immigration. Vetting of most refugees is needed because some refugees come through a round about way, to get here.

Advertising is the best  method for mass coverage and not having to deal directly with people. The candidates can remain in their protected ivory towers above the common people. Stump campaigning and giving out hats and buttons help people feel closer to the candidate. In a race this tight even three electoral votes can count.

Without going through all backgrounds of members of congress, how many have much business experience? I see many lawyers, military, and some form of public service including  teaching.  A good business person has dealt with many people and personalities. They often have knowledge of many regions. Fast learning is almost a requirement.

Which is best trying to get one hundred percent and getting nothing, or settling for ninety percent?



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Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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