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Change the Words, Change the Interpretation, Change the Culture


Change the Words, Change the Interpretation, Change the Culture

A Letter to the Editor in my local paper said, “Our Constitution has and will survive the passage of time. And it is as relevant as it was when written (as is our Bible). Would the left suggest the Bible be rewritten?”

In answer, the left has been rewriting the Bible ever since the 1880s. New versions are marketed regularly.

Follow the money. New “versions” are based on corrupted manuscripts that the King James translators knew better than to use.

To get a copyright on a derivative work like a new translation, significant changes from the original must be made. And without a copyright, how can the company that commissioned the revision make a profit?

Some omit verses that those who were on their committees found to be offensive to their own ideas and lifestyles.

Go into a bookstore and you can probably find a “Bible” that will let you be comfortable staying in your sins.

In the same way the left keeps reinterpreting the Constitution. In most law schools, you can get a degree in Constitutional law without having to read the Constitution. They study what the Courts have said in their decisions. Current interpretation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment has practically nullified the free exercise clause that immediately follows. Until the recent Heller and McDonald decisions, many Courts interpreted the Second Amendment as a corporate right limited to militia members rather than as an individual right.

The original separation of powers between three co-equal branches has been shredded. Executive agencies issue regulations that have the force of law, usurping the job of Congress. They then prosecute offenders of those regulations in their own internal courts, usurping the job of the Judiciary.

When you can’t change what the words say, you change what they mean, and thereby change a culture and a country.

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