Change is in the Air


The only candidate putting forward policies to jump start the economy, by lowering corporate tax rates, deregulating the economy, improving international trade deals and wooing companies and capital back into America, is the outsider and establishment disrupter, Donald Trump. We are lucky that we have an accomplished businessman who knows how to do what is necessary to undo the damage Progressives policies have inflicted upon our economy.

It’s even more fortunate that he has emerged at a time when the American people are angry and frustrated with the failures of an elite political class that perpetuates the Progressive establishment’s status quo, to the disadvantage of the common man.

Economist John Mauldin observed, “I was privileged to talk privately with Peggy Noonan this week, after which I listened to her speak, partly on what is clearly a major shakeup of the Republican as well as the Democratic Party. Then I had a conversation with my friend Neil Howe, historian and generational demographer, which provoked some even deeper thinking about the current generational shift.

For the first time since Reagan… we are seeing a significant political shift, and it is… what Peggy Noonan calls “the uprising of the unprotected” and what Neil Howe thinks of as a clear generational shift that you see towards the end of what he calls “the Fourth Turning…. This is a phenomenon happening all over the world….”

Mauldin concluded, quoting a Buffalo Springfield song. “There’s something happening here / What it is ain’t exactly clear / Stop, children, what’s that sound / Everybody look what’s going down.”

Ordinary people are waking up to the facts emerging around them that Progressives Policies are spectacularly failing. They now see this as extracting a big price on themselves. They are beginning to comprehend how this is hurting and threatening their families’ well-being. What I have been saying, and Mauldin reiterates, is a big change is coming as the old solutions are no longer working. A paradigm shift is occurring and a better future lies ahead if the Progressive status quo is upended by Donald Trump


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Michael Lewinski

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