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Carlos Slim, the NY Times and Mexico’s Influence our Elections

Erika Cross /

Who owns/ controls the New York Times?

Give up?

One of the richest men in the world – Carlos Slim.

Carlos is a Mexican that made his billions from Mexico.

Do you think he wants us to secure our border and demand fair trade?

I don’t know if he is directly involved with the drug cartels but it is hard to imagine someone that rich surviving that long and prosperous in Mexico without some sort of arrangement for his benefit.

This NYT ownership connection might explain the pure political bigotry we read from his paper, the NYTs.

Talk about foreign interference with our elections; what do you think?

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Bill Sandry

I am a "retired" attorney and am active in working with the AZ legislature on bills. We got a bill through the legislature this session to protect parental rights for their children in school and are waiting to see if the governor will sign it. I write pieces that are usually about current events and politically oriented. I also have a strong interest in history. I have just started my web site and do not plan to have it well underway for another month or so. My undergraduate degrees are in political science and modern British history. I will be glad to send you my resume if you will let me know where to send it to. I can also send you a piece I recently wrote on Prop123 to fund education if you want to review it. Thank you for your time and the opportunity to write for iPatriot. Bill

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