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Cancel Hillary’s FBI Parade

Today FBI Director Comey re-opened the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton — the same woman who claimed (when Comey decided not to refer for indictment) that she was “exonerated” by the FBI.

This goes to how incredibly unfit the criminal influence-peddler Hillary Clinton is for any office, never mind the office of President.

As I’ve written here before, I don’t like Trump but if Clinton somehow survives this blockbuster news and wins, she’ll be a lame duck from day one — if she’s not already under arrest by inauguration day.

So I suggest either abstaining from voting or voting for Trump — we don’t need an America completely hamstrung by a new president’s past criminality — and is why, I’ve written in another op-ed on this site, that Putin wants Hillary, not the other way around as Clinton repeatedly claims with no evidence other than that her campaign has been crowing this story all along.

Be well, and gosh, what a mess… And I hope God will bless America, we need it.


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Michael P. Rethman

Scientist, dentist, university faculty, former city council chair.

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