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Bundy Ranch Discovery Evidence Altered by Federal Government!

As reported by the Pete Santilli Show, Nevada Congresswoman Michele Fiore reports that the Federal Government has edited portions of evidence to hide culpability for escalating the events surrounding the culmination of the Bundy Ranch Standoff. The video can be seen here: ( ).

13 defendants in the Bundy Ranch case have requested that Nye County Sheriff, Sharon Wehrly, inspect the evidence and place the inmates in her protective custody while attorneys motion for charges to be dropped. Eric J. Parker recorded the audio message for the Sheriff, which can be viewed below:

The Party of the Western Republic asks concerned citizens to urge Sheriff Wehrly to visit these inmates and view the evidence for herself.
Phone: 775-751-7000 – Option 8 – Option 1
E-mail: [email protected]

The video was released by the Party of the Western Republic, a grassroots Constitutional political organization. The Party of the Western Republic can be found on Facebook here: ( ), on Twitter here: ( ), and on YouTube here: ( ).


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The Party of the Western Republic is a grassroots political organization targeting 10 western states and Alaska for Constitutional political activism on the local and state level.

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