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Breaking News: Liberal Groups Plan Violent Disruption for Inauguration Day!


Oh no!

I guess we should have figured that the same liberal thugs who protest and destroy property every chance they get would use Inauguration Day as a reason to partake in mayhem. I, for one, had hope that by January 20th cooler heads would have prevailed and liberals would simply choose to become a gracious “party of opposition.” Apparently, that isn’t going to be the case though.

President-elect Trump’s good buddy Roger Stone recently infiltrated a liberal organization that is planning protests for Inauguration Day and he detailed what they had planned during a recent broadcast on his videocast.

It’s scary stuff folks. A transcript, and the video itself, follows below.


I do want to talk about what is coming in Washington, because it is scary.
We had an operative who infiltrated the J-20 Committee planning session. And let me go through what these folks have in mind, because this is not a benign civilly disobedient protest.

They intend to march from McPherson Square to Columbus [Circle]. They are going to march during the lunch period immediately after the inauguration — approximately 12:30. Their goal is to “create a sense of crisis.”
They are going to harass inaugural visitors as they step off the metro stations. Multiple waves will harass Secret Service checkpoints on the National Mall.
Roving protesters in the crowd will be using drums to break up the program, they are going to launch a pirate radio broadcast. Drones loaded with rockets to attack the parade are under consideration.
Secret Service take notice — Happy to share this with anyone from the service who takes notice.
They are going to have roller derby women zooming through the crowd knocking people over and disturbing order. 
Now, January 6-8, they have street medical training. January 8, they have their next meeting to plan this disruption. January 14, they are going to be training their shock troops for violence. January 14-22, they converge on Washington in an effort to paralyze the city.
Chinatown and K Street nonprofits have been opened for legal and medical assistance. Those are front organizations. And the affiliated groups here are: Rising Tide North America… Showing up For Racial Justice, and of course the ever-popular Black Lives Matter.
This is the blueprint for disruption, the Alinsky plan.
So, we have our own event on January 20 — The Deploraball. Now moved to a much better venue, the National Press Club. This is going to be the non-elite gathering for activists. 


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Mateus Kadesh

A right-leaning libertarian who hopes and prays that the American people remember what made our nation great.

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