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The Bathroom Dilemma – Your Privacy Rights

Our country is being shoved ever so quickly, into a cesspool of NO values, NO morals, NO respect for other people and their rights, NO respect for laws.

Our Government wants to violate the privacy rights of girls/women by allowing a male who THINKS he is a female, into the bathrooms and locker rooms of girls/women. Objecting to this has nothing to do with discrimination against a transgender, it has to do with the privacy rights of girls and women they are stealing. What gives a transgender special rights to make it okay to violate the rights of the 99% normal boys and girls. Why is it okay to to discriminate against those 99% normal boys and girls by taking away their privacy rights to use a bathroom or locker room without the opposite sex being present? In our schools, young boys are not allowed to kiss a young girl without getting in trouble, yet now we are suppose to allow boys to enter the girls bathrooms and be okay with it. How much more freedoms and rights are we going to allow our government to steal from us before we start standing up for our rights?

Young elementary school children know that a girl uses the bathroom with the picture of the figure with a skirt and the boys use the one with the figure wearing pants.

Now our government wants to screw with their little minds and change what they have learned. A bathroom that only one person can enter at a time, is not a problem, but when there is more than one stall in the bathroom, two people of opposite sex should not be in the room at the same time. It is appalling that our government has stooped so low to blackmail our schools to follow this insane rule or loose federal funding that is used to help the students who are poor.

Our government is more concerned about forcing girls/women to share their bathroom and locker rooms with the opposite sex then they are at stopping sanctuary cities from protecting illegal aliens and criminal illegal aliens, or trying to keep our jobs from leaving the country.

Our government’s priorities are in the wrong place.


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Am retired purchasing agent, now spending time writing children's stories for a blog and enjoying my free time after many years of working.

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