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Are Taxes Needed?

Are Taxes Inevitable?

No. There are other ways that the citizens can finance the government other than taxes.

The secret to the banker’s ability to make money from nothing (and that is precisely what they do) is not taxes, it is debt and interest. And in this the governments have an advantage over the private lenders.

Governments (like the US government) is constitutionally bound to provide money as a public service. The private lenders resort to the fraud of reserve (where 90% or more of the money is not backed) whereas the governments could back all their money, by law.

Note what the globalist usurers DO, not SAY, and you will see that they do not impose taxes. One of the conditions of lending governments money backed is that they impose taxes on their population. But they, themselves, simply require that the governments pay INTEREST. (And commitments, and favors, and promises, and etc. and etc.) And that is exactly the same as a government could do with states, municipalities, and localities, provided they decentralized.

Centralization, to a point, benefits the private lender to governments, until the nation becomes so large and powerful that it becomes a threat to the lenders because they have the resources to do the same thing (establish the same financial structures) as the private lenders.

Decentralization within a strong country benefits both the locality and the central government, but it requires that the central government use its power externally and its control internally.

As stated, many more details are found in my webpage. See the Plan section.

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Herman Gazort

Prove everything. Don't rely on me or any "expert." Find truth for yourself. I will give you what I found and try to convince you with proof, information, example and a solid argument, but trust no one. Prove your truth for yourself, by yourself. That is how you can defend it.

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