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An Intelligent Liberal

I was curious to see the liberal point of view on the last presidential debate. I chose to view Charlie Rose and his intellectual liberal guests discussing their opinions on the debate.  I was taken aback on how highly educated elitists of the established left said that Hillary won the debate hands down even though the media came to the conclusion that Trump was a big winner with points taken.

Charlie’s guests continued to tip toe through the tulips praising Hillary on her performance and never at one time mentioned her e-mails, documented lies or the recent Wiki-leaks about her campaign’s criminal behavior.  They believed that her main qualification was being a woman and the years of experienced political background that she accomplished with participation in the Democratic Party.

After careful thought I now know what an intelligent liberal is and it goes back what my father had once said years ago,  Intelligence without common sense is the definition of stupid.


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Gary Chambers

Retired General Contractor Author-Poet

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