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America’s Hope


He is old T…


Adam’s walk the talk

Eve’s fashion statement

Enoch’s walking partner

Noah’s bossman

Naahamah’s rainbow

Abraham’s friend

Sarah’s fertility clinic

Isaac’s online dating service

Joseph’s attorney

Joshua’s wrecking crew

Moses’s military

David’s gun

Solomon’s text book

Deborah’s knight in shining armor

Elijah’s rain dance

The widow’s food stamps

Gideon’s life coach

Ruth’s chance for a new life

Daniel’s inside scoop

Esther’s hero…


new wine into New T…


Mary’s boy

Bartimaeus’s MediCal

Gerasene man’s detox

Peter’s translator

Paul’s wake up call

John’s dream…



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Kae Bucher

Aslan Is on The Move! I think our Creator has His stuff together... I don't believe He supports murdering the innocent.. whether babies or citizens...

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