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Shock News: Man Who Served Lawsuit on the DNC Now Dead!

Shawn Lucas served the DNC with a lawsuit on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ supporters.  It is common knowledge Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic Primaries from Sanders and many people, myself included (though I don’t support socialism) called for the DNC to be sued for fraud against the American people.

Shawn Lucas is now dead.

He is the eighth death in 2016 that has some kind of tie to the Clintons.  Here is a list from the reference cited in footnote 1:

Beverly Campell’s death ~Feb. 2016
Berta Caceres’s death ~March 3rd, 2016
John Jones’ death ~April 19th, 2016
John Ashe’s death ~June 21st, 2016
Seth Rich’s death ~July 8th, 2016
Mark Weiner’s death ~July 26th, 2016
Victor Thorn’s death ~August 1st, 2016
Shawn Lucas’ death ~August 2nd or 3rd, 2016

Folks, we are witnessing a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of America, right before our eyes, right under our noses.  This is a COUP in progress.

Our military is sworn to protect America “from all enemies, foreign or domestic.”

Our domestic enemies, the Clintons, have sold America out to its foreign enemies.


Send this link to every person you know who has military contacts and PETITION the military to stop the Clinton War Machine before it destroys America and the military has nothing left to defend.


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Cheryl Nelson

B.A., Creative Writing and English; M.F.A., Creative Writing. Owner of for six years, reporting news regarding escalating earth changes, geopolitical news, spiritual articles, and other news of interest.

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