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Actress Displays “Superior” Intellect


Don’t you just love the Professional Chameleons of the alternative universe known as Hollywood?  These arrogance self righteous followers of the Climate Wizard Al Gore can’t resist blaming President Trump for all that is ailing the world, it seems that they can’t help themselves.   Each time one of these film idols open their pie trap, they display to the world their ignorance of the most basics of subjects, the Sciences , Politics, American and World History.  They are totally clueless, they obviously didn’t pay any attention when they went to school and have lost their grip on reality.

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U.S. ARMY Veteran, former Aerospace Engineer and Editorial Cartoonist, he has lived and worked in Europe and in the Middle East. He has been a member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonist for over 10 years. ( AAEC website - under retired members )

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