A New Generation of American Leadership

“It is time for a new generation of American leadership that puts the interests of the American people first and unifies our blessed nation.” The American voter would definitely agree with that statement. Evan McMullin definitely hit the mood of America with that statement. But how does one offer a fresh new approach when America has two undivided parties when it comes to elections?

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A Scientist and Creation

Attacks on Christians who believe in Creation are usually mealy-mouthed diatribes based on lack of knowledge, and a rejection of a real scientific process. These attackers, with supercilious smirks on their faces, pretending to be reasonable, have no idea that evolution depends on their obedience to ignorance and complete lack of proof. (That goes for Christian ‘theistic evolutionists’, too). I have even seen the same ignorance in scientists who can’t tell the difference between ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’, and who ignore proper scientific methods.

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When Americans are No Longer Exceptional

Who have we become, as a nation, and why? Due to changes in the American Political environment we started to change as a nation from almost the time we were founded. We were founded under the principles of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. As the years ticked by we started allowing small changes to be made to these documents making them fit politicians needs better with the changing times. The problem is that the principles of these documents would have been just fine the way they were written no matter how society has changed. They were good principles that protected each and every American that lived at the time, and for all time since. But the elected officials under the diminishing watchful eye of the populace started making changes that would further their agenda, not to make America a better place, but to further their financial gains, as well as political.

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Turkish President: No such thing as “Radical” Islam

The Turkish President recently gave a speech and said there is no such thing as radical Islam. He said Islam is Islam. I agree with him entirely and I believe we should redefine what a Radical Islamist is. I believe a Radical Islamist is a Muslim who will not follow the commands of the Quran. He does not hate Christians, Jews or any non believers. He loves America and enjoys the freedom he never had when he was a practicing Muslim. You can consider him an ally in the fight against Muslims who are trying to kill us. Muslims who are devout to Islam will kill him for his independent thinking and he will be shunned from their community.

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