Liberals Need to Grow Up before they Destroy Themselves

If all you know of pirates is what you learned from “Treasure Island,” that they wear eyepatches, have peg legs, and say aargh; and if all you know of Robin Hood you learned from “Bugs Bunny,” that he stole from the rich to give to the poor; and if all you know of Republicans you learned from “Little Orphan Annie,” that they are fabulously wealthy, greedy tycoons, and Democrats are all poor and destitute, then you need to grow up and learn a few things.

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The Bank of Hillary

Every day I wake up to more news of hidden emails that were supposedly turned over and more and more evidence of a massive pay for play. The left says there is no smoking gun but in most people with common sense what is evident is a smoking pile of manure.

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How to Correct Obamacare

With government control, the Affordable Health Care Act became un-affordable Obamacare which has officially bombed out. Now three major companies have dropped out of the insurance provider pool: United Healthcare, Humana, and Aetna. Other regional and state based companies have dropped out or increased their rates dramatically. Let’s look...

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